ROVO generates energy

How can you develop dynamism while sitting? We have been dealing with this question about office chair ergonomics for more than 50 years, ever since we developed and manufactured office chairs. Because we want you to enjoy the greatest possible freedom of movement with an office chair from ROVO in order to increase well-being and concentration.

We keep you active - especially while sitting!

Sitting in motion

The patented ERGO BALANCE technology offers the best prevention against back problems – for more ergonomics at the office workplace.

Improves the blood circulation. Activates the circulatory system and promotes concentration.
Improves the blood circulation.
Invigorates the muscles. Relieves the intervertebral discs and prevents postural problems.
Invigorates the muscles.
Supports the natural need for movement and improves performance.
Improves performance.

Product range

Swivel chairs
Children's chairs
Visitor chairs
Lounge furniture