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The new Ergo Balance Technology

For models ROVO R12, XP and XT a new mechanism with very special features was developed by ROVO: This new trendsetting construction includes the combination of a synchro-mechanism with 3-D-technology. The innovative 3D-technology animates sitting in a healthy position with high flexibility. The body remains active.

Special features: The optional version ERGO BALANCE PLUS is equipped with tension control to suit body weight and is lockable.

Similar to a balance board, the ERGO-BALANCE mechanism activates the micro movements of the muscles and, at the same time, provokes spontaneous posture changes. This corresponds to the natural interplay of movement animation and freedom of movement with all the positive effects: The one-sided load of the intervertebral discs can be avoided.

The back muscles are automatically activated and the supply with fluid of the intervertebral discs is supported. In addition, movement improves the circulation and oxygen supply.

It stimulates body and mind and keeps office workers physically and mentally active!

  • Activates the back muscles
  • Promotes circulation and stimulates the metabolism
  • Relieves strain on the spinal column and intervertebral discs
  • Promotes the elasticity of the intervertebral discs
  • Encourages a change in sitting posture
  • The controlled seat dynamics give optimal support in all directions


  • Optional with the height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support
  • The optimum for supporting health

Back-active sitting with physiotherapist Andreas Sperber

How does ROVO Ergo Balance Technology work?

Take four minutes to watch the video with physiotherapist Andreas Sperber. He explains in detail everything about Ergo Balance ergonomic design and its activating effect.

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