ERGO BALANCE technology
360° freedom of movement

Move and be active while sitting
This keeps you fit in the office

Physical movement is good for us and important for preventing muscular and skeletal disorders. Yet despite this, back problems are the most frequent cause of days of absence in offices. To enable people to actively move even when at their desk, ROVO has developed a concept that allows more natural freedom of movement while sitting. ERGO BALANCE is the office chair movement mechanism for three-dimensional dynamics. It encourages spontaneous changes of position, moves the muscles and activates the blood circulation, plus in doing so provides a boost of freshness for the body and mind.

The patented ERGO BALANCE technology offers a unique, smooth sequence of movements and has proven its success thousands of times over since the market launch in 2010.

Activates body and mind
The effective technique against musculoskeletal disorders

ERGO BALANCE offers three-dimensional freedom of movement when sitting. From a technical perspective, all ERGO BALANCE chairs use the ERGO BALANCE system with an integrated synchromechanism and the balance element with two different elastomers. This gives 360° freedom of movement to the office chairs’ seats and backrests. You can move in a similar way as you do on a sitting ball – but in a controlled, measured and safe manner. Thanks to the dynamic behaviour of the elastomers, the body’s centre of gravity is balanced in all sitting positions.

Small pelvic movements and micro-movements of the muscles are triggered, thereby activating the back muscles. The blood circulation and oxygen supply are stimulated and the hydration of the intervertebral discs is increased. ERGO BALANCE automatically encourages active movement and a natural, healthier posture.

  • Activates the back muscles
  • Increases blood circulation and stimulates metabolism
  • Relieves the spine and keeps the intervertebral discs elastic
  • Animates to move and to change seating position
  • Safe, balanced sitting comfort
  • Effective prevention of musculoskeletal disorder


The ERGO BALANCE technology is recommended by the IGR, the Institute for Health and Ergonomics. The institute has awarded ROVO with the Ergonomics Innovation Prize, which was presented for the first time in 2019. ROVO received the award in the category "Office seating concepts and office furniture". The official presentation took place at the company in Lossburg-Wittendorf.


ERGO BALANCE NEXT, the new generation of movement mechanism, is the solution for customized sitting comfort. It can be enabled or disabled by a quarter-turn of the adjustment ring, making it quick and easy to switch between a pure synchro-mechanism and ERGO BALANCE enabling an active back while sitting. This makes it an expedient option for chairs – especially when furnishing commercial properties.

The ERGO BALANCE technique shown in a video

Take 4 minutes to watch the video "Active sitting for your back" with physiotherapist Andreas Sperber. He explains what constitutes healthy sitting and shows you everything about the ERGO BALANCE ergonomic concept and its activating effect in detailed sequences.


A lack of movement when sitting comes with consequences

Muscular and skeletal disorders plus cardiovascular problems are the main threats to modern office workers. The most common cause: sitting! We sit for long and extensive periods every day – for an average of 9 hours or usually even longer in the case of office workers. If we add on the time spent commuting and what we do in our spare time, this quickly comes to 15 hours of sitting per day.

It is therefore unsurprising that back problems alone are the cause of quarter of all days of sick leave. According to a study by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health from 2019, the annual cost of production downtime due to musculoskeletal disorders is EUR 17.2 billion per year. The german health insurance fund “Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)” calculates that 164,000 employees miss work each day for this reason, causing average downtime costs of EUR 400.00 per person per day. Everydays office environment can be improved by making workstations more ergonomic and integrating more movement – unconsciously, naturally and as a matter of course.

  1. Prolonged sitting makes you tired.
  2. A lack of movement can lead to elevated blood lipid levels. The oxygen supply lowers.
  3. Muscles become tense and weakened.
  4. The body and metabolism work in economy mode.
  5. Poor posture puts pressure on the intervertebral discs. Their nutrient supply declines.
  6. The risk of vascular calcification and venous disorders increases.

We learn from the evolutionary history of man, that the human body was evolved for movement and endurance. Static sitting at the desk is not what the human being was provided for. Varied musle movements are essential to ensure physical and mental performance. They stimulate blood circulation and provide the entire body with additional oxygen. The pressure change of the intervertebral discs due to movement of the spine is a necessary requirement for the metabolism. Not only the back takes benefits, movement also helps against possible strain and supports the whole organism.

Exercise stimulates the circulation and the metabolism. The oxygen supply ensures that we are focused and powerful and that our brain can work at full capacity. So what could be better than transferring this important effect of activation into the office life of the sitting person in order to increase physical and mental fitness?

AIR PLUS system

The AIR PLUS system is a ROVO development. This orthopaedic lumbar support is available as an option for most chair models. You fill the AIR PLUS back cushion with air using a small hand pump under the seat and adjust it to your individual back profile. The sitting posture is significantly better supported and back complaints are effectively prevented.

The climate seat from ROVO

Finally in office chairs from now on is integrated what you know from vehicle seats for a long time: a thermophysiological optimized climate seat, which within the last two years has been developed into a marketable commodity by ROVO together with the accredited testing laboratory and research center “Hohenstein Institute”. We are now in the position to offer office chairs with heat and moisture management with proven good results to the well-being at work. The user also benefits from a noticeable improvement of his capacity.

Due to the coordination between material and design of the seat we achieve a ventilation effect between the body and the seat and therefore a very good sitting comfort.

With help of special material combinations of fabric, fleece, seat foam and supporting plate heat and humidity are transported away from the body. The first certified climate seat integrated in our long existing product lines ROVO XP and ROVO R12 means for ROVO another USP in the market.

  1. Fabric and fleece egalize temperature and derive moisture
  2. Heat and moisture regulating upholstery foam
  3. Thermophysiological optimized supporting plate

Seating comfort with ROVO-PUR foam

Exclusively for ROVO XZ: The structure of upholstery in the seat comprises of mini pocket springs and the viscoelastic ROVO-PUR-foam. This foam adapts to the human body by means of the human weight and the body heat. The effect is a reduction of the pressure and therefore prevention of tensions in the pelvis and backside area. The seat cushion with spring seat allows extraordinary sitting comfort.

Ergonomic seating comfort even for the little ones

ROVO has almost for 40 years experience in the development and production of children desk chairs. The goal was always to offer good ergonomic chairs to encourage children to a healthy sitting posture. This idea is more important than ever, as children and teenager spend considerable time in sitting.

The program of cildren chairs includes 2 models for kids of different ages. This technology allows the chair to adjust the chair to the growth of the child.