ROVO turns 60

Celebrate 60 years of ROVO with us and discover attractive offers on ergonomic ROVO office chairs in our office supply store! Rolf Völkle founded his company in Lossburg in 1964. This was the start of the innovative company, which throughout its history has constantly opened up new horizons in the field of office chair ergonomics and developed solutions for modern sitting in motion. The initials of the founder's name became the ROVO trademark in 1990.

In the early years, the company still manufactured metal goods and vendor parts for the furniture industry. When a continuously variable mechanical system was developed for the height adjustment of office swivel chairs, the first office chairs could be manufactured and marketed under the company's own brand name from 1972.

The company's breakthrough came in 1980, when company founder Rolf Völkle focussed entirely on developing and manufacturing his own office chair ranges. In collaboration with the ergonomist and home medicine specialist Prof Dr Dr Karlheinz Nier, office chair ranges were developed over the following years according to ergonomic criteria. This was the beginning of a dynamic company development. The idea of making sitting ergonomic and increasingly dynamic is still at the centre of product development today.

ERGO BALANCE, for example, the patented technology for active sitting with 360° freedom of movement, increases concentration at the desk. Sitting and movement are no longer a contradiction in terms. ROVO was the first company to receive the Ergonomics Innovation Award in 2019.

In 2022, ROVO was voted the number one office chair manufacturer in the specialist retailer survey conducted by "markt intern".

We have remained true to the original idea to this day of charging sitting with more and more energy.

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