ROVO R22: Activates sitting and keeps fit

Light. Modular. Activating.

The new office chair series R22 convinces with lightness and is the new all-rounder in the office thanks to its modular design concept. R22 fits in perfectly with modern furnishing plans and their diverse requirements. The variability becomes visible with the mesh backrest or fully upholstered backrest. You can feel it with the different mechanisms: The modular system includes the S4 synchronous mechanism and the ROVO ERGO BALANCE technology.

ERGO BALANCE encourages active sitting. The movement element under the seat absorbs the dynamics when sitting and returns them to the user. This wakes you up and keeps you fit. Muscles, tendons and joints remain active. The intervertebral discs are supplied with fluid.

R22 plays with colours like hardly any other chair, because all the equipment details can be accentuated in different colours. Accents can be set with seat upholstery, full backrest upholstery and mesh backrest, lumbar support or headrest. Seat depth adjustment and lumbar support are visible technology and at the same time design elements. The seat depth adjustment with its large adjustment range of 10 cm offers adapted seating comfort for tall and short people.

The lumbar support is height-adjustable and optionally depth-adjustable.

Ecologically sustainable design

The components of the R22 are made of 55% recycled materials, for example, the base, seat support, seat upholstery panel, back frame and backrest cover shell. The fabrics are made of 99% recycled polyester. At the end of its life cycle, over 90% of the chair can be recycled.

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