ROVO PROTECTION: Active virus protection for seating furniture

Safe and sustainably hygienic in the office

Antiviral. Lastingly hygienic. Easy to clean.
With 5 years warranty.

The ROVO Protection hygiene system comprises two innovative hygiene solutions:
TouchSafe for smooth surfaces and EasyClean for upholstery. Available immediately.

ROVO Protection works actively against viruses and germs of all kinds with the principle of photocatalysis. To do this, we apply tiny crystals to smooth surfaces or upholstery fabrics, which adhere invisibly and permanently to the surface structure. Light activates the crystals and gives them a minimal electrical charge. If viruses and microorganisms meet these crystals, they are rendered ineffective by actively destroying the protein shells or cell walls.

The organic structures of soiling on upholstery are broken down into their biological components by photocatalysis. They are broken down and can be easily removed. The result is clean upholstery and hygienically perfect surfaces.

ROVO Protection is permanently antimicrobial effective and works with the two most important principles for hygiene: hygiene protection and improved cleanability.
That is why we give a 5-year guarantee on the effectiveness.

Tested and effective technology:

The innovative hygiene system has been tested at the EUROVIR® Hygiene-Labor GmbH institute according to the EN 14476:2019 standard.

Available immediately:
ROVO office chairs and seating furniture are now available with ROVO Protection hygiene equipment at an extra charge.

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