Independent and innovative since 1964

Dynamic sitting as the core component of the brand ROVO

The development and production of ergonomic office chairs is as much a part of ROVO's corporate culture as its location in Lossburg in the Black Forest. With the consistency and innovative spirit typical of this region, ROVO has established itself on the market as an independent company for dynamic seating.

High quality standards, flexibility, decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology by highly automated manufacturing processes, profound production result into excellent products and satisfied customers. With the help of motivated skilled employees and numerous product-, innovation- and design awards we rank among the most successful addresses in our industry.

The good market position is not only based on the high competence, the use of resources in respect to ecological care and awareness, but also on economic efficiency and good customer service in order to meet todays health requirements for excellent office chairs.

Product developments are devised in a team with professional health practitioners, physiotherapists and international designers to create seating concepts that offer natural freedom of movement in the office and new forms of sitting. The main aim is always to provoke often changes of posture and to increase well-being and good performance.


The environmentally friendly production method is part of ROVO's corporate philosophy.

Minimising energy consumption, waste and environmental impact at all stages of the product creation chain is an ongoing process within the company. ROVO has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. Since 2007, the integrated environmental management system has been certified according to DIN ISO 14001. It is audited annually by independent institutes.