Ecologically sustainable

The environmentally friendly production mode has always been part of ROVO‘s corporate philosophy. Minimizing energy consumption, waste volume and environmental impacts at all stages of the product development chain constitute an ongoing process in our company. The integrated environmental management system was established in 2007 and certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and audited annually by independent institutes. Environmental processes are an integral part of the corporate policy and are constantly evolving. This also applies to the requirements for our suppliers and the selection of them. Changes and innovative modifications in environmental legislation are quickly received and implemented.

ROVO products are designed in such a way that both production and disposal are optimized in an environmentally friendly way. For example, the ROVO R12 chair series consists of pollutant-free materials. About 70% of recycled material is used for the production. Pure material separation and dismantling without special tools is possible in a short period of time. Wearing parts are exchangeable, which prolongs the life cycle of the chair. Due to high-quality and durable long lasting components, we help to conserve resources and minimize energy usage. As an additional benefit this results into low spare parts consumption during the life time cycle.

Product packaging is 100% recyclable. In addition, no styrofoam, aluminum and composites are used in the product packaging. We pay attention to the smallest possible dimension in order to reduce volume for transportation.

At ROVO more than 80% of production waste is recyclable – at a very high manufacturing level. All polyurethane components are foamed CFC-free. In the production process itself, savings are made with respect to resources. For example, the water for production is completely recycled and the CO2 emissions constantly reduced by energy-saving technology. An ongoing improvement of the machinery and a consistent conversion to energy saving manufacturing equipment contribute to environmental protection. In 2012, for example, all hydraulic bending machines were exchanged to electrical machines.

The internal transport system was optimized by an intelligent control in such a way that energy consumption has fallen by more than 50%. In addition, we store all of parts centralized at site, fully automated and efficient. This reduces energy demand and increases availability of individual items.
A factory bus service gets staff comfortable from their home to work and back, reducing CO2 and traffic.

Since we understand the environmentally friendly production as a dynamic process, we will continue to invest in this respect in know-how and technology in the future.